About Delta Palan International

Founded in 1988, Delta Palan International Ltd. has been providing its clients with high quality material handling tools and solutions. Over the years, with the growing demand for hoisting equipment, whether it be in the heavy steel industry or light lifting in ergonomic environments, our company has been able to supply clients with numerous products and is continuously adding to its line of merchandise in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our experienced and dynamic team will certainly allow you to benefit from a personalized, diligent and efficient service.

The 3 essential criteria’s that we follow to satisfy our customers:

  1. All our products are verified before expedition, are packaged with test certificates and all come with an after-sale warranty.
  2. We Offer exceptionally competitive prices in the market. We are very confident that our prices are among the best on the market.
  3. We hold a large inventory. By holding all capacities in stock and being capable of adapting our products to the clients specifications, this assures us of meeting a “same day” shipping.